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Discover naturally inspired wood flooring for your home. Browse our extensive range of solid, engineered, bamboo, laminate collections and supporting ...

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molecularly bonds Floorazzo™ tile seams to create a truly monolithic floor. FUSION System™ provides a seamless, bead- and crevice- ... CONTRACT FLOORING FLOORAZZO

Description Sikafloor 264 is a pigmented, two part low viscosity, self-priming (see priming section), epoxy coating / binder used for smooth and textured coatings and/or broadcast overlayments

305.673.7610 Flooring Permit Affidavit All commercial properties, including condominium units, are required to obtain a permit for flooring (tile, wood, marble)

Armstrong Flooring commercial products offer high-performance, unique designs, patterns .... Prime Harvest® Engineered. American Scrape® Engineered. TimberBrushed™ Engineered. 3.1-3.52. ✓ 3.6-3.11. ✓ 3.12-3.15. ✓ 3.16-3.21. ✓ 3.24-3.27 ... From modul

Raising an eyebrow in suspicion about engineered wood flooring? Discover why this is the most common type of wood flooring used globally in homes.

Industrial Resinous Flooring Media 1” 1/2” 1/4” 1/8” 1/16” 1/32” Why resinous flooring? For areas that require a safe, clean, durable, and

Health and Safety Executive Assessing the slip resistance of flooring A technical information sheet Page 1 of 8 Introduction This technical information sheet looks at a number of test methods for assessing floor

bgc fibre cement product guide // january // 2017 ... 4.5mm & 6mm square edge durasheet™ provides first-rate external cladding for gable ends, eaves,

1820 * 145 * 14 mm 1820 * 190 * 14 mm timeworn oiled brushed beveled edges All floorboards are oiled and artisanally manufactured, revealing the unique artistry of the